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Ticket Etiquette



  • Norma Enriquez

    When trying to upload the video for my assignment nothing happens it stays blank. Norma Enriquez

  • Lancha Frierson

    I'm not able to sign in 

  • Nathaniel Akalu

    Set up your VitalSource account:

    Before you can access your content, we need to set up a VitalSource eBook account for you. Please enter a password, select a security question and answer, and we will take care of the rest.

    Create a VST Account

    Create password for VitalSource account

    Password must contain 1) at least one number (0-9), 2) a combination of upper- and lowercase letters (Aa-Zz), and 3) at least one special character ("!#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[]^_`{|}~–).

     Must be at least 8 characters  Your email address and the password requested above will be used to create your VitalSource account. In addition to being able to access your ebooks online through Evolve. You will be able to use your email address and password created above to download the free VitalSource bookshelf apps to your computer, tablet or smartphone.Select a Security Question                      Choose...                       What is your Student ID?                       What is your favorite color?                       In what city were you born?                       What is your pet's name?                       What is your mother's maiden name?                  Answer the Security Question



    HI MY NAME IS Nathaniel AKALU ONE OF THE STUDENT AT NIGHTINGALE COLLEGE. I AM TRYING TO Set up my Vital Source account on sherpath activists with my evolve account however it keep saying errors. Can anyone please take me through how to activate.

    Thank you

  • Sareth Tes

    Hello, I’m currently enrolled in bsn 215 and my math book for dosage calculation isn’t there please help.

  • Aliezel Steidl

    How do I submit a ticket? I need to request an extension because I cannot access my courses on canvas on my laptop.

  • Aniedi ogbonna

    I need help to reset my account


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